Business Areas

High-purity organic solvent refining

The quality of the solvent is determined by the difference in refining technology, not the difference in raw materials.

The key to manufacturing high-purity organic solvents is the process and method that increases purity.

Duksan Co. has designed a refining facility with a new technology that can manufacture high-purity products even under various Feed quality conditions, producing ultra-high purity solvents above reagent grade.

  • Waste organic solvent / purity solvent
    (Resource recycling)
  • Industrial organic solvent
Industrial organic solvent
  • High-purity electronic grade, industrial products
  • High-purity electronic grade, industrial products

Distillation area

The ultra-high purity organic solvent refined by Duksan is used in various areas.
  • Fine chemistry area

    Duksan is a self-manufactured refining company with various processes and high performance/high efficiency, and it possesses the technology and facilities required in the fine chemical areas, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and resin paint.

  • Medical Supplies / Reagents

    Our company started out in the field of refining and recycling high-purity solvents used in pharmaceutical synthesis. Through recycling of waste organic solvent containing a lot of low- and high-boiling point impurities, we supply resource recycling products to leading domestic pharmaceutical companies and contribute to cost reduction by satisfying strict standards management of our customers with superior quality that exceeds required quality.

  • Electronic Reagents (Semiconductor / LCD)

    Since 2001, reagents for electronic grade semiconductors have been refined using our own facilities and processes, and we also refined semiconductor thinners, strippers, and solvents for special processes.

  • Solar panel process / Secondary Battery

    We fundamentally obstruct the anxiety of customer process by refining the cooling solvent used in the polysilicon manufacturing process to a high purity that can be infinitely circulated, refining the bonding material and electrolyte solvent used in the secondary battery to high purity, and producing a superior quality of resource recycling solvent than genuine product quality.