Business Areas

Facility status

  • Production facilities
  • Test facilities
  • Storage/transportation facilities


Possession of 14 distillation towers of continuous and batch type. It is a multiplex tower that can process single or 2–3 distillation towers in a continuous process, depending on FEED conditions.

  • Raw material research

    We conduct the preliminary raw material analysis to satisfy the quality standards required by customers, such as the analysis of refined raw material, pretreatment method, and synthesis.

  • Refining method research

    We conduct research on the latest distillation technology trend analysis, development of new technologies for vacuum/azeotropic distillation, product odor removal and color control, and energy saving techniques.

  • Plant engineering

    We carry out design work for all of engineering related to the plant such as continuous and batch type of distillation tower design, packing and sieve tray performance development, distributor design, heat exchanger, pretreatment equipment design etc.