Refining Technology Industry Applications

The flexibility of PLANT to handle various FEED and high-quality refining technology enable various industrial applications.

  • Electronic Reagents (Semiconductor/LCD)

    We produce ultra-high purity reagents, such as semiconductors, and process chemicals for LCD industries, Specialty Chemical, etc. We also have our own production facilities and manufacturing process.
  • Fine chemistry

    We respond to changes in the technology-dependent chemical industry, develop resources recycling technology and supply products necessary for fine chemistry areas.
  • Medical Supplies/Reagents

    By the recycling of synthetic raw materials that are difficult to technical approach, we supply high-quality of resources recycling products to local prominent pharmaceutical companies and contribute to cost reduction for customers.
  • Secondary Battery / Solar energy

    We optimize solvents for required use in secondary and solar panel manufacturing processes and topically obstruct process anxiety by using recycled chemicals.

Major Customers

Duksan Co., Ltd. has been recognized for its technological prowess by domestic and foreign customers and is continuing its partnership with us.